24 April 2011

Sarah kelly

Hi everyone,
We thought we would share this with you all.
Sarah kelly, Canadian photographer and portrait artist, based in Ontario.
We've given Sarah permission to use 2 of our tracks, original Holland and Palmley compositions, for the galleries on her site. The tracks are: "Climbing Pendle" and "The Visit".
Please check out Sarah's site and see her beautiful portraits and photographs.
Sarah Kelly art photography studios©

Sarah Kelly is a photographer and portrait artist based in Oakville, ON. She specializes in original
artwork, portraiture and commercial creations.Her custom drawn pencil portraits are unique and make a beautiful keepsake for personal use or as a gift for loved ones and friends. They are hand drawn using your favorite photos as reference and reflect the personality and spark of the subject of the portrait.

Seeing photography as another art form, Sarah uses natural lighting as much as possible in order to
reflect a natural look, additional lighting being used when necessary. Through each photography session and portrait created, Sarah will identify each subject’s individuality
and uniqueness that make them who they are, and capture this through her creations.

19 April 2011


(scroll down to read in English)
Un concetto Americano per tener viva la musica nei cuori e le anime delle persone e per fare qualcosa di veramente diversa ed unica.
"House Concerts" è il modo nuovo per godervi la musica dal vivo. Dimenticate di dover mettervi in macchina, cercare parcheggio, trovare una baby-sitter ecc ecc...
Ora se volete potete ospitare il concerto direttamente a casa vostra...un concerto organizzato da voi, per poter invitare i parenti ed amici e trascorrere una serata indimenticabile insieme.
Vi da anche la possibilità di connettere direttamente con i musicisti e sentirvi parte integrale e sostenitori di una cultura musicale indipendente ed eccitante.
Il costo è molto meno di quello che potete immaginare...spenderete spesso di più per un piccolo gruppo che mangia al ristorante!!!
Per la stagione estiva è possibile anche organizzare il concerto in cortile oppure nel giardino...noi siamo muniti di amplificazione indipendente e quindi possiamo offrirvi una soluzione per ogni momento dell'anno...
Per saperne di più, scriveteci a lmcrecords2011@gmail.com

An American concept to keep music live and do something truly unique and different."House Concerts" is the new way to enjoy live music. Forget about driving into town, looking for a parking space and desperately searching for a baby sitter...now you can enjoy the concert in the comfort of your own home, invite your friends and relations and spend an unforgettable evening together.
It also gives you the chance to directly connect with the musicians and become an integral part and patron of the new and exciting independant musical culture that is springing up around you.
The cost is much less than you might imagine...you'll spend more for a small group of friends eating at a restaurant.
For the summer season it is possible to organise the concert in your courtyard or garden as we have our own amplification system...so we can offer you a concert solution all year round...
To find out more please write to us at lmcrecords2011@gmail.com