22 March 2011

Review of CD The Visit

Review of the CD, “The Visit”, from Folk Bulletin

THE VISIT, Phil Holland and Dave Palmley LMCRecords, 2011

That this album has the same name as Loreena McKennit’s album from 1991 is pure coincidence, given the great difference in atmosphere and inspiration between the two works, and the comparison is not necessarily in the favour of the more famous Canadian artist. Phil Holland, the harpist, violinist and singer we have already written about previously. In 2008 we reviewed her interesting solo album “Faeries”, in which we noted her delicate touch in the plucking of her harp strings and the movement of her violin bow and the evocative timbre of her voice. Now she is back in the company of Dave Palmley, who is also a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, tin whistle, mandolin, bass and voice) and they have founded a duo which is stylistically minimal and intrinsically energetic. The energy undoubtedly comes from Dave’s numerous folk-rock experiences which fuse beautifully with Phil’s more classical and melodious style. The repertoire is a fine balance of traditionals and originals, all written and arranged by Phil and Dave together, displaying creative coherence and excellent merging of styles. As a duo Phil and Dave perfectly complement each other, giving us moments of true charm in a subtly vintage style. Clean sounds, sincere inspiration and a pinch of nostalgia: “The Visit” is without a doubt one of the revelation albums of this year…
Enrico Lucchesi 

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13 March 2011

LIVE al Calisto cafè

Una serata intima e rilassata al Calisto Cafè con Phil e Dave.
Suonando brani dal nostro ultimo album The Visit e tanti altri pezzi tradizionali ed originali.
Speriamo di vedervi numerosi!!
Giovedì, 31 Marzo, alle ore 21.15
Calisto Cafè, VAILATE
Via Manzoni, 2
Vailate ( tel. 036384077 )
An intimate and relaxing evening of Celtic music with Phil and Dave at the Calisto Cafè, Vailate.
Playing pieces from our latest album The Visit alongside many other traditionals and original compositions.
Hope to see you there!
Thursday, 31st march, 9.15 PM

8 March 2011

Holland and Palmley do Status Quo!

Just for fun...an oldie from Status Quo that's had plenty of covers in its time...and we thought it was crying out for the Holland and Palmley treatment!!!

Phil: Celtic Harp, Violin, Vocals and Keys.
Dave: Guitar, Vocals, Bass and Perc.

Hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it...
and it's great fun to perform live too...happy and up-beat!
Rock on...or should we say...Folk on!!!